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Sell Your Used Cisco Telecoms Equipment

Make money from your old telecoms and networking equipment.

We Buy All Models:

Cisco 8851 MMP
Cisco 8841 MMP
Cisco 8865 IP Phone
Cisco 2921 Modular Router
Cisco Wireless IP Phone 8821
Cisco 7925G Cordless IP Phone
Cisco 7975G IP Phone
Cisco 8845 Video Phone
Cisco 7965 G IP Phone
Cisco 6851 MMP
Cisco 7962 IP Phone
Cisco 7937G Conference Phone
Cisco 7945G IP Phone
Cisco ATA186
Cisco 7921G Wireless IP Phone
Cisco 9971 IP Phone
Cisco 7821 IP Phone
Cisco SPA525G2 VoIP Phone
Cisco 7940 SIP Phone
Cisco SPA 942 IP Phone
Cisco SPA 508G IP Phone
Cisco Power Cube 4
Cisco 1721
Cisco 1760
Cisco 1801 V02 Cisco Cisco1801 V02
Cisco 1841 Isr Router C1841-Broadband-M V12.4 1 X Hvic1asdl
Cisco 1841 V5
Cisco 1pair-Ap1121g-E-K9 802.11g Ap, Single Mpci Radio
Cisco 1pcisco828 828 Software
Cisco 1pcp-7911g= Ip Phone 7911g
Cisco 1pcp-7914%H 7914 Ip Phone Expansion Module For 7960
Cisco 1pcp-7937-Mic-Kit= Cp-7937 Mic Kit

Cisco 1pcts-Ex90-K9 Conference Unit
Cisco 2201-06612-001 Cp-7935
Cisco 2201-06652-601 Cp-7936
Cisco 2201-06652-601 Cp-7936
Cisco 2201-07155-603 External Microphone Kit
Cisco 2201-40140-001 7937 External Microphone
Cisco 2215-06626-602 7936 Pim
Cisco 2501
Cisco 2503
Cisco 2600
Cisco 2610
Cisco 2610xm
Cisco 2621
Cisco 2621xm
Cisco 2801
Cisco 2805-06654-602 7936 Ip Power Kit
Cisco 2851
Cisco 2948g
Cisco 2950
Cisco 2960
Cisco 3005 E/Fe
Cisco 30pair-Lap1131ag-E-K9 Air-Lap1131
Cisco 30pcisco887va-M-K9
Cisco 30pcp-7931g 7931g
Cisco 341-0206-02
Cisco 3454
Cisco 3640
Cisco 3640 Chassis
Cisco 3641 Series
Cisco 3660
Cisco 3700
Cisco 3800
Cisco 3825 V.04
Cisco 47-17015-04 2801 C2800nm-AdvIPservicesk9-M V12.4 (15) T4 With Hwic1tCisco 68-1268-07 Vpn3002 Hardware Client
Cisco 68-2881-04 A0 Ata186-I1-A
Cisco 6921-C-K9 Ver.1
Cisco 6921-C-K9 Ver.2
Cisco 7200vxr
Cisco 74-2899-09 7920
Cisco 74-6300-03 A0 Mcs7825i4-K9-Cmd1
Cisco 74-7022-02 Rev.A0 Ata187
Cisco 7825 Server
Cisco 7905g
Cisco 7906g
Cisco 7910g
Cisco 7910g+Sw
Cisco 7911g

Cisco 7912g
Cisco 7914g
Cisco 7915g
Cisco 7915g Bases
Cisco 7916g
Cisco 7920 Battery
Cisco 7920 Power
Cisco 7921g
Cisco 7940g
Cisco 7941g
Cisco 7942g
Cisco 7960g
Cisco 7961g
Cisco 7961g-Ge
Cisco 7962g
Cisco 7965g
Cisco 7970 Ip Handset
Cisco 7970g-Ge
Cisco 7971g-Ge
Cisco 7985g
Cisco 800-26920-01 2811 C2800nm-Ipbase-M V12.4
Cisco 800-26920-04 2811 C2800nm-AdvIPservicesk9-M V12.4 (15) T4
Cisco 800-26920-06 2811 C2800nm-AdvIPservicesk9-M V12.4 (16)
Cisco 800-26920-08 2811 C2800nm-Ipbase-M V12.4 With Hwi1 Adsl Wic1b-S/T Hwic
Cisco 800-26920-08 2811 C2800nm-Ipbase-M V15 With Hwi1 Adsl Hwcit
Cisco 837
Cisco 877-K9 Cisco Cisco877-K9
Cisco 887-Sec-K9 Cisco 877-K9
Cisco 9971 Usb Camera
Cisco Air-Ap1231g-E-K9 Air-Ap1231g-E-K9
Cisco Air-Lap1131ag-E-K9
Cisco As5300
Cisco Ata186
Cisco C2960s-U-K9-M Catalyst 2960-S Series
Cisco C4700
Cisco Cables
Cisco Cards
Cisco Cisco1801 V04
Cisco Cisco1841 V05
Cisco Cisco2811 V06
Cisco Cisco2821 V04
Cisco Cisco881-K9 V01
Cisco Cp-6921
Cisco Spa 502g
Cisco Spa 921
Cisco Spa 922
Cisco Spa502g
Cisco Spa504g
Cisco Spa504g/500s
Cisco Spa508g
Cisco Spa525g2
Cisco Spa942g
Cisco Spa962+
Cisco Ws-C2950g-24-Ei
Cisco Ws-C2950g-48-Ei
Cisco Ws-C3548-Xl-En
Cisco Ws-C3750-24ps-S
Cisco Ws-C424

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Save money and save the planet

The legal and environmentally friendly way to dispose of old equipment. We’ll help you to recycle any telecoms, IT and networking equipment that you no longer use.

In some cases, we’re even able to buy your old kit. We’ll either refurbish your components so they continue to be used, or dispose of them safely and legally in accordance with the WEEE directive.

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Read what our customers say:

“We have dealt with Matt for over 10 years and have always found him a great source of information, ready to help solve whatever equipment issues we have. He offers keen prices and an excellent service, highly recommended.”

Andrew Hilton | BAM Construction

“Sterry Telecom have been a supplier to our business for a number of years now and continue to be a key partner. We have experienced a significant rate of growth which they have been able to support through the provision of equipment of the highest quality and exceptional service, sometimes with very short notice!”

Mat Beaver, Managing Director | Darwin Group

“As a telecommunications engineering company our business relies on fast efficient service, and Sterry Telecoms delivers that every time. I have dealt with Matt Sterry for many years and he has always gone above and beyond to source and deliver the highest quality reconditioned equipment next day.”

Andy Stenson, Senior Telecoms Engineer | Top Telecoms Engineers

Top Telecoms Engineers
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