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Buy new telecom systems at the best price

Companies around the UK trust us to supply their telecom and networking kit.

Looking for a particular make and model? You’re in the right place! We source exactly what you need, either new or from our extensive network of knowledgeable brokers. 

Sterry Telecom helps save money and our planet

The legal and environmentally friendly way to dispose of old equipment. Sterry Telecom are able to help you to recycle any telecom, IT and networking equipment that you no longer use.

Sterry Telecom in some circumstances will even offer to buy your old and unused kit. This will either be to refurbish the components so they continue to be used again or dispose of them safely and legally in accordance with the WEEE regulations, this is why Sterry Telecom aims to help the environment.

Only 9% of all plastic is actually recycled, at Sterry Telecom we understand that within the telecommunications industry, there is so much plastic equipment that will be put into landfills. We aim to minimize the amount of recyclable plastic being put into landfills, this consists of purchasing old equipment that would usually been thrown out because we are able to repair or recycle the equipment in a healthy and more environmentally friendly way that usual companies. Being different matters, so sell your old equipment and make a difference.

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