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Vega Pro UC Stereo USB PC Computer Headset



The Vega Pro UC USB is a PC and Laptop compatible USB headset suitable for regular phone users. The headset has improved sound quality and features Surround Shield noise cancellation and an anti-static shock microphone for clear, crisp sound.

The Vega Pro UC is lightweight and comfortable thanks to two 55mm leatherette ear cushions and the sure-fit fully adjustable headband.

Our Vega Pro UC Headset connects to laptops and computers via a USB-A (standard) adaptor and is fully compatible with Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, Zoom Video Conferencing and all other UC Platforms.

Vega Pro UC Stereo USB PC Headset Features:

  • USB-A Lead for PC / Laptop Connectivity
  • Dual earpiece allowing users greater call concentration
  • Microsoft Teams Compatible
  • Left / right ear side compatible
  • 270° adjustable microphone boom
  • Surround Shield noise cancelling microphone
  • Anti-static shock microphone
  • Acoustic shock protection
  • Clear crisp sound
  • Wideband enabled speakers
  • 55mm Leatherette ear cushions
  • Ratchet style ‘put and stay’ microphone boom
  • Mid-weight headset, ~ 78g
  • Sure-fit fully adjustable headband
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